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Do the Math

Google has a feature for some U.S. cities that performs an analysis to show whether it would cost less to drive to a destination or to take public transportation (google.com/transit)

Sting Operation

If stung by a bee while on vacation - put toothpaste on the spot.  It will not burn, swell or itch.

Where Talk is Cheaper

While in Europe and wanting to the the states.  Many INTERNET cafés have call centers with phones you can use to make overseas calls, and there are a few that charge only three to four cents per minute.

The Metro Beat

When planning to visit a city that has a subway and want to review  the system prior to going.  Amadeus.net makes this easy.  Click on Trip tools for access to subway maps from virtually every city that has one.

High C'S

Bring a few packets of Emergen-C powder with you on trips.  Anytime you feel run-down from all the nonstop fun, mix a packet into a glass of water and drink up.  The vitamin C keeps you healthy, and the other vitamins and minerals keep your energy from flagging.


When needing scissors on an airplane for cutting yarn or thread - take along dental floss and use the metal cutter.

Queasy does it.  Always keep Seabands, which help prevent motion sickness, in my purse.  They come in handy many times - bus ride in Costa Rica, a whale-watching trip in Maine and a flight that had to circle before landing.

Detergent deterrent:  Dab a bit of liquid laundry soap on each mosquito bite.  Not only will it stop the itching immedately, but the bit will go away in a day or two.

Licenses and Permits:  Your American driver's license is all you need in most Western European countries, though if you are driving in Austria, Germany, Greece Italy, and much of Eastern Europe, you risk being fined for driving without an international permit,  Even if a country doesn't require it, consider getting one ($15.00) from AAA.

Insurance:  You already know to check the coverage from your auto insurance and credit catd companies before taking optional insurance from a rental agency.  But read the fine print in your credit card agreement:  Visa's policy excludes Ireland, Israel, and Jamaica; Mastercard and American Express also don't cover those countries, adding Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Country-Specific Driving Laws:  Each nation has its own rules.  French police, for instance, can confiscate your car if you are driving 18 mph or more over the speed limit.  Nationaldrivesafe.com  that outlines the rules of the road in 43 countries worldwide.

Beat the competition:  When renting a car in Hawaii from a cruise around the islands.  Instead of taking the rental car bus with all the other people doing the same thing - take a cab to the rental car company and beat the crowd.








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